What is the legal requirement for a dog ID tag?

What is the legal requirement for a dog ID tag?

What is the law around pet ID tags? The Control of Dogs Order 1992 mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional (but advisable).

Should you put dogs name on ID tag?

Never put your dog’s name on the identification tag. Although it’s charming because he would be able to tell others about his identity, but this act can help dog thieves to keep and resell them easily. That’s why it is always recommended not to put your pet’s name on their tags to avoid possible chances of dog theft.

What should I put on my dogs ID tag?

What to put on your dog’s ID tag

  1. Your Pet’s Name—Kind of a no-brainer.
  2. Your Phone Number—Include a number you’re likely to answer.
  3. Your City— If room allows, include your entire address.
  4. Medical Needs— If applicable, adding the phrase “Needs Meds” can add a sense of urgency.

What should be on a dog tag UK law?

On 1st April 1992, the UK passed a law named The Control of Dogs Order 1992. The law made it a requirement that any dog ‘while in a highway or in a place of public resort’ must wear a collar tag that displays: Name of the owner (initial and surname) An up-to-date address of the owner (house number and postcode)

Where can I get a pet ID tag?

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Can you replace a dog tag for free?

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Is there a life time warranty on pet ID tags?

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