What is the function of the ear nose and throat?

What is the function of the ear nose and throat?

The ears, nose, and throat are located near each other and have separate but related functions. The ears and nose are sensory organs, which are necessary for the senses of hearing, balance, and smell. The throat mainly functions as a pathway through which food and fluids travel to…

What is the ear nose and throat?

Ear, Nose & Throat. Otolaryngology, or otorhinolaryngology, is the study of ear, nose and throat conditions, commonly referred to as ENT. Our hospitals’ board-certified physicians treat the ear, nose, and throat as well as related structures of the head and neck.

What is a nose doctor called?

An ear, nose and throat doctor is also known as and ENT or an otolaryngologist. These physicians diagnose and manage diseases or disorders of the ears, nose, throat, sinuses, larynx (voice box), mouth and throat, as well as structures of the neck and face ( AAO ,…

What is an eye ear doctor called?

An ear, nose and throat doctor is called an ENT ( ear, nose and throat) specialist. Also called as otorhinolaryngologist. An eye specialist is called as an ophthalmologist.

What does ear, nose and throat stand for?

ENT is a shorter form of Ear, Nose and Throat. ENT means Ear, Nose and Throat. ENT is an acronym for Ear, Nose and Throat. Search for abbreviation meaning, word to abbreviate, or category. Shortcuts for power users – examples. Abbreviation meaning – COB means. To abbreviate – Management abbreviated.

What kind of Doctor treats ear nose and throat?

An otolaryngologist is a doctor who specializes in ear, nose, and throat issues. An ear, nose, and throat physician can provide diagnosis and treatment of these conditions and those affecting other parts of the head and neck.

What are common ear, nose, and throat issues?

4 Common Ear, Nose and Throat Problems Ear Infections. Ear infections are one of the most prevalent ENT disorders. Strep Throat. Strep is an abbreviation for a family of bacteria called Streptococci. Sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when a germ multiplies in the four hollow recesses of the skull that surrounds your eyes and nose. Sleep Apnea. A Word From Verywell.