What is the function of dorsal funiculus?

What is the function of dorsal funiculus?

Specifically, the posterior funiculi contain the dorsal columns fibers, which transmit information concerning touch and limb position from the body to the brain.

What is funiculus in the spinal cord?

A funiculus is a small bundle of axons (nerve fibres), enclosed by the perineurium. A small nerve may consist of a single funiculus, but a larger nerve will have several funiculi collected together into larger bundles known as fascicles. Fascicles are bound together in a common membrane, the epineurium.

What happens if the spinothalamic tract is damaged?

Damage to the spinothalamic tract within the spinal cord, as seen in Brown Squared syndrome, results in contralateral loss of pain and temperature whilst vibration and proprioception, transmitted via the dorsal columns, will be affected ipsilaterally.

What would be found in the dorsal posterior funiculus of the spinal cord?

The posterior funiculus contains large myelinated nerve fibers of posterior root ganglion cells. The peripheral processes of these ganglion cells form or innervate sensory receptors in the skin and deep tissues of the body.

What happens when you cut the lateral funiculus?

Lateral funiculus. The lateral funiculus transmits the contralateral corticospinal and spinothalamic tracts. A lateral cutting of the spinal cord results in the transection of both ipsilateral posterior column and lateral funiculus and this produces Brown-Séquard syndrome.

What kind of lesion is the dorsal funiculus?

Secondly, we compared the astrogliosis response following a stab or hemisection injury to the spinal cord dorsal funiculus within regions of immunological demyelination. In the transverse sections, the only gross lesion observed was a thin, white discolored area in the left dorsal funiculus in the cranial cervical spinal cord segments.

What happens if you damage the dorsal column?

Damage above the crossing point result a loss of vibration and joint sense on the opposite side of the body to the lesion. The pathway is tested with Romberg’s test . Damage to either of the dorsal column tracts can result in the permanent loss of sensation in the limbs. See Brown-Séquard syndrome .

What is the function of the posterior funiculus?

Posterior funiculus: one of the three major subdivisions of white matter in the spinal cord, the posterior funiculi contain ascending pathways carrying sensory information to the brain.