What is the eyelash viper adaptations?

What is the eyelash viper adaptations?

The coloration of the snakes in certain parts of the world also is a great adaptation. I say this because a number of color variants exist that help the snake to “comouflage” itself, in order to strike at prey easier from hiding. The “eyelashes” on the vipers can also help camouflage the snake.

How are the scales of an eyelash viper adapted to living in trees?

Their scales are keeled so they are rough and sharp to the touch. Their rough scales may help to protect them against the branches and vines of their arboreal habitat, unlike most snakes whose scales are smooth. They have a pair of heat-sensitive pits between the eyes and nostrils.

What animal eats eyelash vipers?

Predators of Eyelash Vipers include large mammals, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, other snakes, fish, birds of prey and humans.

What is special about pit viper?

There is a group of snakes that are known as Pit Vipers. Not only are these snakes venomous they also have a very ‘cool’ heat sensing system. This helps these snakes to find prey in the dark, which is when most snakes like to hunt. The ‘pit’ is a special organ in between the eyes and the nostrils.

What kind of animals do eyelash pit vipers eat?

Eyelash pit vipers feed on a wide variety of small vertebrate animals, including (but not limited to) frogs, lizards, birds, bats, rodents, and marsupials. In most cases, these snakes will prey upon any animal small enough to be subdued and ingested without confrontation.

How big does an eyelash pit viper get?

They measure 45-75cm (18-30in) and weigh 225g (8oz). Females are typically larger than males. The eyelash pit viper is a carnivore. They feed on small mammals, birds, lizards and frogs. Once a prey item is captured they use their long fangs to inject the hemotoxic venom, this venom affects the blood and nervous systems.

How does an eyelash viper hide from predators?

Reddish-brown colored viper uses tree bark or red and brown colored flowers to hide from predators and prey. The colors of a newborn eyelash viper change in time and reaches the final shade when it enters adulthood. The purpose of the lashes is unknown, though some biologists believe that it helps the snake camouflage.

What kind of organs does an eyelash viper have?

Like all pit vipers, Eyelash Vipers have heat sensitive organs, or pits, between each eye and nostril. The pit organs are complex structures that allow the snake to identify the direction of potential prey and they are of great value to a predator that hunts at night.