What is the Bortons model of reflection?

What is the Bortons model of reflection?

One such model is called Borton’s Model of Reflection. Reach, Touch and Teach was published in 1970 by an American school teacher, Terry Borton. Borton describes this model as a fluid process where no part of it can exclude another – it is a “continuous integrated flow”with no beginning or end.

What is Driscoll model of reflection?

The John Driscoll Model of Reflection is a framework for reflection, developed into a structured process to guide reflection. There are several models of reflection and there isn’t one right choice. It’s important to choose the model that matches the person who will be using it.

What is Rolfe’s framework for reflective practice?

Professor Gary Rolfe and colleagues (2001) describe another useful framework for self-reflection in their book ‘Framework for Reflective Practice’. It’s based around three simple questions: What? – describe a particular situation, then focus on achievements, consequences, responses, feelings and any problems.

What is Borton’s 1970 model of reflection?

What is Borton’s 1970 Model of Reflection? Borton’s model of reflection was the result of his work as a teacher and the reflective framework was placed into his 1970 book Reach, Touch and Teach. The model is simple; it provides three simple questions which can be used to reflect on an event or experience: What?

What are the three questions in Borton’s model?

This model encompasses three simple questions to be asked of the experience or activity to be reflected on, what? So what? Now what? Jasper (2003) Endorses the use of this

Which is the best description of Borton’s development framework?

Borton’s Development Framework. Borton’s development framework is a fairly straightforward and easy to implement reflective framework. This enables you to reflect without having the structure in front of you, therefore a favoured one of many health care professionals and advocated by professional bodies. The framework was developed in…

What do you need to know about Barton’s framework?

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