What is test suite Java?

What is test suite Java?

Test suite is used to bundle a few unit test cases and run them together. In JUnit, both @RunWith and @Suite annotations are used to run the suite tests. This chapter takes an example having two test classes, TestJunit1 & TestJunit2, that run together using Test Suite.

How do you run a test suite?


  1. Open a test suite.
  2. In the upper right of the test suite window, click the Run Test Suite icon (
  3. In the Test Suite Execution Record section, either select a test suite execution record or create an execution record by accepting the default option, New Test Suite Execution Record.

Which is a class similar to is another test class similar to having a test method to print out a message as given below. You will use this class as suite in After executing JunitTest .java which contains a suite having and, you will get below output:

How to create a JUnit test suite in Java? is a simple class annotated with @RunWith and @Suite annotations. You can list out number of .classes in the suite as parameters as given below:

How does an alltest suite in Java look like?

For example an AllTest suite would look something like this. I think TestSuite has fallen out of favor. That might have been the style before 4.x, but it’s not now as far as I know. I just annotate the tests I want and then run the class. All the annotated tests are run. I might use Ant, but most of the time I have IntelliJ run them for me.

How does a testsuite work in Stack Overflow?

It is basically a group of tests that you (or someone) define once which you can run with the click of a button. The tests are automatically run and “marked”, and if any test fails you are informed of details. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!