What is pressured speech in psychology?

What is pressured speech in psychology?

Pressured speech is when you talk faster than usual. You may feel like you can’t stop. It’s different than talking fast because you’re excited or you naturally speak that way. You might jump from one idea to the next. People could have trouble following the conversation.

Is pressured speech a symptom of anxiety?

Anxiety: This condition may cause a person to experience pressured speech if their anxiety results in being unable to explain something quickly. They may experience rapid, uncontrollable thoughts in response to their situation. Drug use: This habit may cause symptoms of pressured speech.

What is the cause of pressured speech?

Pressured speech may be caused by thought issues referred to as flight of ideas. In flight of ideas, the concepts running through the speaker’s head are moving too quickly or too incoherently for the speaker to intelligently articulate them. Stimulant drugs such as cocaine can cause pressured speech.

Can you have pressured speech without bipolar?

Pressured speech alone does not necessarily indicate bipolar disorder. This symptom can occur with significant anxiety other mental and nervous system conditions—such as schizophrenia, dementia, and stroke—and the use of certain drugs, like cocaine, methamphetamine, and phencyclidine (PCP).

What does pressured speech mean?

Pressured Speech. Pressured speech is speech at an accelerated or frenetic pace that conveys urgency seemingly inappropriate to the situation. It is often difficult for listeners to interrupt pressured speech, and the speech may be too rapid to understand. Pressured speech may be incoherent.

What is the pressure of speech?

Pressure of speech is an instance of tachylalia, or rapid speech. Pressure of speech is also variously related to agitolalia, agitophasia, tachyphasia, and verbomania. Circumstantial speech is a communication disorder in which the focus of a conversation drifts, but often comes back to the point.

What is pressured speech in bipolar disorder?

Pressured speech is a symptom of several mental health conditions. Bipolar disorder is one of the more common disorders that includes pressured speech among its symptoms. Pressured speech occurs when an individual speaks at a rapid and sometimes frantic speed.