What is pharma metrology?

What is pharma metrology?

Metrology, called the arithmetic of pharmacy, is the science of weights and measures and its application to drugs, their dosage, preparation, compounding, and dispensing.

What is a metrology laboratory?

Metrology is the science of measurement. It establishes a common understanding of units, crucial in linking human activities. Equipment in our Metrology lab includes: CMM Measuring Machine. Vision Measuring Machine.

What is the process of metrology?

Applied, technical or industrial metrology is concerned with the application of measurement to manufacturing and other processes and their use in society, ensuring the suitability of measurement instruments, their calibration and quality control.

Why is metrology important in laboratory work?

Metrology labs are aware that the environment can affect measurement readings; therefore they ensure that the lab environment does not invalidate the results of calibrations or adversely affect the required quality of a measurement.

How are measurements done in a metrology laboratory?

1. Calibration of Pressure Gauge 2. Calibration of Thermocouple 3. Calibration of LVDT 4. Calibration of Load cell 5. Determination of modulus of elasticity of a mild steel specimen using strain gauges. PART-B METROLOGY 1. Measurements using Optical Projector / Toolmaker Microscope. 2.

What should be included in a laboratory management system?

The laboratory management should ensure that its policies, systems, programmes, procedures and instructions are described to the extent necessary to enable the laboratory to assure the quality of the test results that it generates.

How are bores measured in a metrology lab?

1. Measurement of lengths, heights, diameters by Vernier Calipers, Micrometers etc. 2. Measurement of bores by internal micrometers and dial bore indicators. 3. Use of gear teeth, Vernier Calipers and checking the chordal addendum and chordal height of spur gear. 4. Machine tool “alignment test on the Lathe. 5.

What kind of AFM is used in metrology?

The AFM consist of a cantilever with a sharp tip used to scan the surface of a sample. Zygo Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments that deliver innovative precision optical and metrology solutions.