What is near Cobbold Gorge?

What is near Cobbold Gorge?


  • Wildlife LARGE AND SMALL. Cobbold Village is surrounded by open savannah, which is a haven for Gulf Savannah wildlife.
  • Fossicking FOR AGATES.
  • Etheridge SHIRE.

How long should I stay at Cobbold Gorge?

A minimum stay of three days is recommended to fully appreciate what’s on offer around Cobbold Gorge, but you really should allow a few days more to explore more of the Gulf Savannah’s diverse natural wonders.

Are there crocodiles in Cobbold Gorge?

Cobbold Gorge’s crocodiles are freshwater crocodiles, called Johnstone River Crocodiles Crocodylus johnstoni. There’s a large population of them living happily in Cobbold Gorge, thanks to its permanent water supply and stock of native fish.

How do I get to Cobbold Gorge?

To protect this unique environment, access to Cobbold Gorge is by guided tour only. Gorge Tour – Three hour tour includes a walk to the escarpment followed by a boat cruise through the gorge, or try SUPing through Cobbold Gorge.

How to get to Cobbold Gorge, train or plane?

How to Get to Cobbold Gorge – Self Drive, Train, Tour or Plane. Cobbold Gorge tours and accommodation are only a six-hour drive from Cairns or Townsville. Whether you come by train, plane or automobile, making your way to the heart of the Gulf Savannah to experience the outback wonder of Cobbold Gorge, is no hassle.

How long is the drive from Cairns to Cobbold gorge?

Most visitors to Tropical North Queensland come here expecting swaying palm trees and lush green rainforest, but if you head west on a road trip you can experience an entirely different landscape. The drive to Cobbold Gorge takes about 6 hours from Cairns so it can be done in one day.

How to get to Cobbold gorge from Forsayth?

Co-ordinates are S18 35 E143 34. Transfers can be arranged with prior notice. Day Tours from Forsayth are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from April to October. Departing Goldfields Hotel at 10am, they take you to Cobbold Village for lunch and include the 1.30pm guided Cobbold Gorge tour.

Is there a place to stay in Cobargo?

It is a great opportunity to Help Out someone in the Cobargo area. In return, you will be provided with a place to park your RV at no cost. Volunteers will have to be self-sufficient as on most occasions they will be staying on properties in locations that do not allow for daily commutes.