What is Nazrul land?

What is Nazrul land?

(d) “Nazool land” means – [(i) The land situated beyond two miles of the Municipal Limits, which has escheated to the State Government and has not already been appropriated by the State Government for any purpose].

What is Nazul land in Uttar Pradesh?

The government of Uttar Pradesh recently decided that those possessing up to 300 sq. m. of Nazul land since 1 December 1998 will be allowed to become legal owners of the land after buying it from the government on the prevailing circle rate.

How can I get government land on lease in Uttar Pradesh?

How To Lease Government Land?

  1. Request letter on company letterhead.
  2. White application form (available online) duly filled.
  3. Detailed project report.
  4. Copy of registered memorandum of association(if the company is Pvt limited) or registered partnership deed (if partnership firm)
  5. Certificate of shareholding.
  6. Board resolution.

What is Nazul land in Delhi?

(1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between that Government and the Authority, place at the disposal of the Authority all or any developed and undeveloped lands in Delhi vested in the Union (known and hereinafter referred to as …

How to check your land records in Uttar Pradesh?

Check your land records for Uttar Pradesh You can check your land records online for the state of Uttar Pradesh, this facility is provided by the Land Records Department of Uttar Pradesh State Government. Users can search details of land records by district and village name.

Who is the owner of Nazul land in India?

On or about 24.3.1986, the said land was purchased by Late Fateh Chand from Rai Baldev Bux and Gaurabai. He died in or about the year 1920. His wife, Smt. Putari Sethani, being his sole heir became the owner of the said land. She expired on 8.5.1961.

Which is government land and which is Nazul land?

Even in the Revenue Book Documents, Part four Serial No. 1, Nazul land situated within the prescribed limits of the Municipal Corporation and the Nagar Palika is stated as under: “1. “Nazul” and “Government land”

Where to buy agricultural land in Uttar Pradesh?

Close to shri manis… Located close to the main road, the property is at the most preferred location in pilkhuwa, ghaziabad, u p. Spread across a plot area of 2 bigha; This land is suitable for agricultural purpose or for a commercial purpose as a resort or guest house by taking necessary approvals.