What is lucky number of Kashif?

What is lucky number of Kashif?

Kashif Name Meaning

Name Kashif
Lucky Number 3
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Wednesday, Friday

What is the meaning of name kashaf in Urdu?

What does Kashaf name mean? Kashaf name meaning in Urdu is “ظاہر کرنا، الہام، کھلنا”. In English, Kashaf name meaning is “To Show, To Inspire, To Blossom”.

What is the meaning of kashish name?

Name :Kashish. Meaning :Lord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva, Attraction, An Attraction, Admiration, One who is charming and lovable.

What does the name Kashif mean in Arabic?

Kashif Name Meaning Name Kashif Kashif Meaning Reveler, Explainer, Discovered Reveler, Explainer, Discovered Gender Boy Boy Audio How to Pronounce Kashif Name Origin Arabic Arabic

What kind of work does Kashif do for a living?

Kashif also wrote, directed, and produced commercials and corporate films for Hyundai Motors America, Casey Family Programs, UPS, St. Joseph Health System, Patten Academy, and many others. He produced and directed a ten-part documentary series entitled “The History of R&B Music and Its Influence on World Culture” for worldwide distribution.

Who are some of the artists that Kashif sings with?

Kashif can be heard on releases by Kenny G, George Benson, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Johnny Kemp, Melba Moore, Dionne Warwick, Giorge Pettus, Stacy Lattisaw, Meli’sa Morgan, Exposé, The Wootens, Freda Payne, Whitney Houston, and others.

When did Kashif release his first solo album?

In 1983, Kashif signed with Arista Records as a solo artist. Introduced to Arista by Milton Allen, the artist development director, his self-titled debut album Kashif (1983) spawned the hits “I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)”, “Stone Love”, “Help Yourself to My Love”, “Say Something Love”, and the instrumental track “The Mood”.