What is Layer3 messages?

What is Layer3 messages?

 L3 Messages is the messages transferred between MS and Network (BSC or MSC ) to control the MS behavior in idle mode and in dedicated mode as well as tell MS when to do Location update  L3 Messages are UL and DL and conveyed on Control channels ◦ BCCH ◦ PCH ◦ SDCCH ◦ SACCH ◦ FACCH.

What is LTE Layer?

As defined by 3GPP, LTE Layer 2 structure consists of PDCP/RLC/MAC layers. Transport channels are located between the physical layer and MAC layer. MAC multiplexes RLC links and manages scheduling and priority handling via logical channels. The diagrams below show the structure for the downlink and uplink of Layer 2.

What is LTE call flow?

With Long Term Evolution (LTE) comes a myriad of new and exciting attributes. One of these is the LTE call flow itself. In fact, call flow and signaling is unique for LTE, and is driven by 3GPP standards. Call flow is how signaling and sessions are created across an LTE network.

What are the four layers of LTE protocol?

LTE Protocol Stack Layers 1 Physical Layer (Layer 1) 2 Medium Access Layer (MAC) 3 Radio Link Control (RLC) 4 Radio Resource Control (RRC) 5 Packet Data Convergence Control (PDCP) 6 Non Access Stratum (NAS) Protocols

What does the physical layer of the LTE stack do?

Physical Layer carries all information from the MAC transport channels over the air interface. Takes care of the link adaptation (AMC), power control, cell search (for initial synchronization and handover purposes) and other measurements (inside the LTE system and between systems) for the RRC layer.

What are the sub layers of ril3 protocol?

• Level 3 Radio interface layer (RIL3) Protocol involves three sub-layers: – Radio Resource Management (RR): paging, power control, ciphering execution, handover. – Mobility Management (MM): security, location, IMSI attach/detach.

What are the steps for carrier aggregation in LTE?

Following is overall steps for LTE adavanced Carrier Aggregation and UE Capability Information and RRC Connection Reconfiguration is the critical steps for Carrier Aggregation configuration. Followings is the information carried by UE Capability Information and its IEs for carrier aggregation and antenna configuration.