What is formed on roasting a metal sulphide ore?

What is formed on roasting a metal sulphide ore?

In roasting, the ore or ore concentrate is treated with very hot air. This process is generally applied to sulfide minerals. During roasting, the sulfide is converted to an oxide, and sulfur is released as sulfur dioxide, a gas.

Why roasting is used for sulphide ores?

Roasting is used for sulphide ores because to remove the sulphur as it gets escaped in the form of gas.

Why is it advantages to roast a sulphide ore to the oxide before reduction?

Sulphide ore is roast to the oxide before reduction because metal oxides can be reduced to metal by carbon and hydrogen much more easily than sulphides.

How does salt roasting of sulphide ores work?

Thermodynamic analysis of a non-polluting process for the effective treatment of lean multimetallic sulphide ores is presented. The sulphide ore is roasted with sodium chloride in air. Metal sulphides are converted to chlorides that can be separated from the unaffected gangue material.

How is oxidation roasting used in the smelting process?

Oxidative roasting is the process of converting metallic compounds in waste materials into oxides using oxidants. The aim is to obtain oxides to facilitate the next step of smelting. Oxidation roasting is often used in sulfide ore smelting. It is used to remove the sulfur ore, arsenic, antimony, and other harmful impurities in ore.

What kind of minerals are roasting of sulfides?

2 ROASTING OF SULFIDE MINERALS In addition to common metals like copper, lead, zinc, and nickel a number of other metals such as antimony, bismuth, cadmium, cobalt, mercury, and molybdenum occur as sulfide minerals. Sulfides are not reduced with the most widely used redu-

How is roasting used to recover precious metals?

Oxidative roasting is used extensively to pretreat base and precious metal–bearing materials and to oxidize iron sulfides to generate sulfur dioxide for fixation with lime or sulfuric acid production. For the recovery of gold from refractory ores and concentrates, roasting has been used extensively for decades.