What is Flexitol cream?

What is Flexitol cream?

Flexitol Moisturising foot cream contains Vitamin E and 10% Urea in a rich moisturising base to soften and care for very dry feel and legs. Suitable for use by those prone top patches of dry skin, including eczema & psoriasis. Also suitable as a general body moisturiser.

Does Flexitol really work?

Working wonders on our testers’ dry and cracked heels within one to two days, our panel was happy with the fast results of this heel balm. They also commented on the fast absorption into the feet, and smooth texture of the formulation. Heels were quickly left hydrated, leaving feet feeling comfortable.

Is Flexitol good for cracked feet?

HEEL BALM: This concentrated thick, rich & non-greasy 25% urea cream absorbs quickly & works fast. Our petroleum-free formula addresses dry, ashy, cracked & itchy feet. Moisturizes & exfoliates for soft, smooth results. Helps alleviate deep cracks, scratchy, sandpaper feet & rough heels.

What is the best product for dry feet?

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is one of the most popular natural treatments for cracked and dry feet. If this vegetable oil is not readily available, shortening will work just as well.

What is the best cream for diabetic feet?

One of the best foot creams for diabetics is Eucerin Advanced Repair Foot Crème. This is a dermatologist-recommended brand that is fragrance, dye, and paraben-free. The Eucerin cream is designed to exfoliate and hydrate the skin of your feet. It also strengthens the natural moisture barrier of your skin,…

What is the best product for cracked feet?

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is another natural remedy for cracked feet and not only because it helps to moisturize the skin but also because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This is a great remedy for those whose cracked dry feet have developed deeper into the skin.

What is the best lotion for cracked feet?

Lotions that contain ingredients like urea, shea butter, and jojoba oil are often the best for getting rid of cracked feet. These are deep moisturizing ingredients. They work be penetrating through even the toughest, hardest skin to hydrate it.