What is an editorial cartoon for kids?

What is an editorial cartoon for kids?

From Academic Kids An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message. Editorial cartoons can be very diverse, but there is a certain established style among most of them.

Can an editorial be a cartoon?

Editorial cartoons appear on the newspaper’s editorial or front page, not on the comics page. They usually employ a single-panel format and do not feature continuing characters in the way that comic strips do.

What are the 5 main elements for an editorial cartoon?

Create your own cartoon, incorporating some of the five key elements: irony, exaggeration, analogy symbolism and labeling.

How are editorial cartoons used in the news?

Share with students that an editorial cartoon uses pictures and text to make a statement. Editorial cartoons express opinions about a wide range of topics in the news, such as politics or culture. Cartoonists often use images of well-known people, places and things to send a message.

How to analyze political cartoons in Middle School?

Make sure to walk students through the first cartoon, pointing out how each of the vocabulary is used in the cartoon. 5. By cartoon two or three, begin to let students write out on their own the symbolism, irony, point of view, exaggeration, and analogy that they find in the cartoons.

Which is the best political cartoon for kids?

The message of this cartoon is that education systems are not fair to all kinds of people it serves. It is biased because the artists chose animals such as: a penguin, fish, seal, bird, monkey, dog,… View a gallery of political cartoons about global warming and the environment. Visit the post for more.

Who is the cartoonist for the Omaha World-Herald?

Flustered Founder by cartoonist Jeff Koterba published on 2017-04-28 14:07:05 at Since 1989, Jeff Koterba has been drawing six editorial cartoons a week for the Omaha World-Herald