What is a scribal error?

What is a scribal error?

The skipping of words (homeoteleuton), syllables (haplography), or lines (homeoarchy) simply by a misreading of the text. Addition: The repetition of words (dittography), or the misplacement of a word from somewhere else on the page (contamination).

What is the definition of an error in softball?

Definition. A fielder is given an error if, in the judgment of the official scorer, he fails to convert an out on a play that an average fielder should have made. Fielders can also be given errors if they make a poor play that allows one or more runners to advance on the bases.

What are the different types of errors in baseball?

The three most common errors occur while the player is fielding, throwing, and tagging. However, all errors can only be charged if the player’s actions directly benefit the other team.

What is a mental error in baseball?

If a ground ball goes through a fielder’s legs or a fly ball falls untouched and, in the scorer’s judgment, the fielder could have handled the ball with ordinary effort, the Official Scorer shall charge such fielder with an error. …

Are there scribal errors in the Bible?

The Bible has been under attack since Moses penned the first five books. However, the New Testament has faced criticism like no other time over the 50-70-years. Ehrman has claimed that there are 400,000+ scribal errors in our Greek New Testament manuscripts.

What is the meaning of scribal?

: of, relating to, or due to a scribe.

How is an error scored in softball?

On a play involving an error, an RBI is credited to the batter only if the runner would have scored without the error. In addi- tion, an RBI is credited when, with fewer than two outs, an infielder makes an error on a play made to a base other than home plate.

Is a bad hop an error?

A batted ball that take a bad hop is always considered a hit and not an error. Sometimes that is difficult to see live or to pick up on the replay.

Is a passed ball an error?

A passed ball is not recorded as an error, but when a run scores as the result of a passed ball, it does not count as an earned run against a pitcher. If a runner advances on a passed ball, he is not credited with a stolen base.

How was the Bible copied?

Textual history The books of the Bible were written and copied by hand, initially on papyrus scrolls. No originals survive, and the oldest existing scrolls are copies that were made centuries after the books were first written.

What is the meaning of typographical error?

: a mistake (such as a misspelled word) in typed or printed text The book contains a number of typographical errors.

What does Scriptorium mean in English?

copying room for
: a copying room for scribes especially in a medieval monastery.

What does it mean to make an error in softball?

Scorekeeping an Error in Softball. For each player who commits a misplay which prolongs the turn at bat of the batter or extends the existence of the runner. b. For the fielder who fails to touch a base after receiving a thrown ball to retire a runner on a force out, or when a runner is compelled to return to a base,…

What makes a ground ball a hit in softball?

You’re welcome. Ball is hit solidly without coming close to a defense player — should be scored as a hit. Ball is hit solidly by a kid you don’t like without coming close to a defensive player — that is still a hit. Ground ball goes through a fielder’s legs without being touched — that is an error because it should be an out.

What does a base hit mean in softball?

— A ball hit to a fielder who fields the ball cleanly and makes an accurate throw to first, but the batter beats the throw. This is a base hit. — A ball hit to a fielder who fields the ball cleanly and holds the ball to prevent a runner (say, from third base) from advancing. This is a fielder’s choice.

What’s the definition of a misplay in softball?

For each player who commits a misplay which prolongs the turn at bat of the batter or extends the existence of the runner. b.