What is a live production environment?

What is a live production environment?

The live environment – also called the production environment – is the final stage and the website that a user will see.

Is production environment same as live?

Every time you talk about making your project live, this is the environment you are talking about. The production environment is where users access the final code after all of the updates and testing.

What is a non production environment?

Non-Production Environment means an environment for development, testing or quality assurance, where software is not used for production purposes. Non-Production Environment means a fee-bearing Instance that is used for testing, quality assurance (QA), user acceptance testing (UAT), staging or equivalent usage.

What is Salesforce production environment?

Production Environments – These are those environments that have active paying users accessing business-critical data. Development Environments – These are the environments where you can extend, integrate and develop on without affecting your production environments.

Do you have to combine production and development environments?

Realistically, you may have to combine one or more of the environments due to hardware, time, or other resource constraints. At a bare minimum you should separate the production environment from the other environments.

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How is a dev environment similar to a production environment?

The idea is that the environment is similar to Dev in that the system uses test databases, but is also similar to Prod in that the speed of the execution should be the same as the production version. In production everything is “real”, or at least should be as this is the environment that your users are going to use.