What is a coaching group?

What is a coaching group?

Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experience of a group of individuals which may or not work together. Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals working on a common theme but having different individual performance goals.

How much do group coaches charge?

For pricing, many coaches use the general rule that group coaching should cost each individual 30% of one-on-one coaching rates. This means that if you charge $500 per month for one-on-one coaching, you would charge about $150 for each person in your coaching group.

Why do group coaches work?

Coaching is great for solving complex problems because it guides and supports group members to closely clarify the problems, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and specify relevant and realistic actions to implement those strategies. Members can share support and accountabilities to take those actions.

What makes a great group coach?

Setting Goals There will be a shared set of goals to be achieved as a group, while each person will also have their individual goals. As a Group Coach, you should be able to help clients create these goals, while also breaking them down into achievable milestones to keep them motivated and driven towards their target.

How is coaching a group different from coaching a team?

Coaching groups is also different from coaching a team in a corporate environment. Team coaching is when all members in the group are focused on the same goal. But when you coach groups, individual members have their own goals.

Who are the members of the American coach group?

This group is made up of members who share a common interest in American Coaches (Heritage, Eagle, Dream, Tradition, Allegiance, Revolution and Limited), and interact to promote an informative exchange of ideas, as well as, a place to ‘just get together’. This group is not affiliated with, or sanctioned by, REVGroup or it’s American Coach Division.

How does upcoach work as a group coaching platform?

When you and your clients see progress or gaps, it gives you more content to coach, encourage and support on, leading to more renewals. With the click of one button, you can clone an entire, one-on-one program, a group coaching program for a new cohort, or set up a new mastermind in seconds.

How many coaches are in the global coach group?

With geographical coverage across 6 continents with coaches speaking 35 languages, you have at your disposal coaches that know your unique situation and needs. All GCG coaches are trained & certified in-house in our proven coaching process.