What is a book cover mockup?

What is a book cover mockup?

A book mockup is a way in which authors can turn their book cover file into a professionally-created 3D rendition of the book and or place it in a professional advertisement. In short, mockups are a book marketer’s best friend.

How do you use a PSD mockup?


  1. Open up the mockup in Photoshop.
  2. Click File>Place>Embedded and navigate to the file on your computer. Hit “Open”.
  3. Resize/rotate/move your file as needed.
  4. Center your file over the area of the mock up that is designated for your artwork.

How do I change the mockup in photoshop?

Instructions for Editing the Poster Mockup PSD

  1. Step 1: Change Poster Content. Double click layer poster design.
  2. Paste your design inside the file.
  3. Step 3: Change Background.
  4. Step 1: Change Poster Content.
  5. Paste your design inside the file.
  6. Step 3: Change Background.
  7. Paste your new background.

How to make a mock up of a book cover?

Paperback Book | 10 Free Mockup PSD Files 69. Free book cover Mockup PSD 70. Free Girl Seeing Book Title Mockup 71. Simple Front and Back Cover Book Mockups 72. Free Book Mockup PSD 73. Hardcover Book Mockup PSD

How big is a mockup of a book?

Stacked 6 x 9 Paperback Book Mockup with Back Cover 36. Free Beautiful Paperback Book Title with Spine Mockup PSD 37. Front & Back Book Cover Mockup on a Wood Shelf 39. Nature Things 5 x 8 Front & Back Book Mockup 40. Modern Book Mockup on Shelf

Are there any free book cover mockups for PSD?

Free Book Cover Mockup with Changeable Background 44. Free Open Book Mockup PSD 45. Mockup ksiazka broszura book brochure 46. Free Book Cover Back Inner pages mockup Set 47. Children’s Square Board Book Mockup Flat 51. Free Book Mockup in PSD Format 52. Free Softcover Book Mockup PSD 53. Secret Agent Detective 5 x 8 Book Mockup 56.

Are there any free book mock up files?

Today’s post of mine which is highlighting 70+ Best Free hardcover and paperback book mockup PSD files. This is quite a useful post for all those who wanted book mockups of a diverge range.