What is 4C Medical?

What is 4C Medical?

4C Medical is a medical device company developing minimally invasive therapies for structural heart disease, focusing initially on mitral regurgitation (MR) therapy and subsequently on tricuspid regurgitation (TR) therapy.

Who owns 4C medical?

Vishal Chaurasia M.D.
Our Founder: Vishal Chaurasia M.D. | 4C Medical Group.

Can a non Md own a medical practice in Arizona?

Law Authorizes Non-Physicians to Operate Health Care Clinics The Court emphasized that the statutory and regulatory scheme of the Arizona Department of Health Services authorizes a corporation to be licensed as an outpatient treatment center.

How many medical professionals are there in Arizona?

During this time, there were 1,021 anesthesiologists active in Arizona. There were 9,687 active physicians in the state….Number of active physicians in Arizona in 2021, by specialty area.

Specialty area Number of physicians
Anesthesiologists 1 021
Emergency medicine 1 162
Radiology 905

Where is 4C Medical Group in Scottsdale AZ?

4C Medical Group is a medical group practice located in Scottsdale, AZ that specializes in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. Does 4C Medical Group Does this practice offer onsite parking?

Who is the neurologist at 4C medical?

Dr. Marisa Sosinsky, M.D., is a renowned and highly accomplished neurologist at 4C Medical Group. Dr. Sosinsky knew she would be a physician from a young age.

Who is dr.sawalha at 4C Medical Group?

Biography Dr. Sawalha is an endocrinologist at 4C medical group at the Scottsdale location. She grew up in Amman, Jordan with her parents and her 4 siblings. She graduated with Honors and was accepted into Medical school at University of Jordan. She met her husband who was at the time a co-medical student.

Who is dr.brewster of 4C Medical Group?

Doctor Brewster Dr. Brewster earned his Medical Degree through a combined BA/MD program at the University of Missouri. He also completed his internship and residency at the University of Missouri. Dr. Brewster is Board Certified in Family Practice. He has been in private and hospital-based practice since 2006.