What happened to Horshack on Welcome Back Carter?

What happened to Horshack on Welcome Back Carter?

Horshack was promoted out of their remedial class but returned because he felt more at ease with his friends. When Kotter ended, Palillo continued down a long road of appearances on network television shows, including The A-Team, Trapper John, M.D., and CHiPs.

Where is Gabe Kaplan now?

Kaplan graduated from New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives the Hollywood life in Los Angeles.

Is the teacher from Welcome Back, Kotter still alive?

Like many of his cast members, Hegyes didn’t rise to stardom following Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter — though he did star on Cagney and Lacey as detective Manny Esposito and The Drew Carey Show. He also worked as a screenwriter and acting teacher. Hegyes passed away from a heart attack in 2012.

Who was the actor that played Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter?

Ron Palillo Dies at 63; Played Horshack on TV. “ Welcome Back, Kotter ” starred Gabe Kaplan as a high school teacher returning to his alma mater in Brooklyn to take over an unruly class of remedial students known collectively as the Sweathogs (because their top-floor classroom was always hot).

Who was the Sweathog in Welcome Back Kotter?

Palillo as “Sweathog” Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter, c. 1976. In 1975, Palillo was cast as Arnold Horshack, one of the misfit “sweathogs” in the high school sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, whose antics made him one of the stand-out characters of the series.

Who was the actor that died on Welcome Back Kotter?

Welcome Back, Kotter Actor Ron Palillo Dies. Ron Palillo, the boyish actor who played Arnold Horshack, the remedial-class loser on Welcome Back, Kotter, died Tuesday morning at his home near Palm Beach, Fla., TMZ reports.

Who was the original composer of Welcome Back Kotter?

The popular theme song, “Welcome Back”, written and recorded by John Sebastian, former frontman for The Lovin’ Spoonful, became a No. 1 hit in the spring of 1976. The show was originally going to be called Kotter, but that was changed because of the theme song lyrics.