What happened to Ali and Zakia?

What happened to Ali and Zakia?

Today, Zakia and Ali are back in Bamiyan living with Ali’s family and raising their daughter. They never leave the family compound.

How long did Mohammad Ali and Zakia date?

The couple, who grew up on neighbouring farms have been together for four years, but eloped because her family did not approve of their marriage. They were so fearful of Zakia’s family’s reaction that they even had their honeymoon in hiding – they stayed in the homes of friends and they slept rough in caves.

Who is Zakia and Ali?

Mohammad Ali, 21, and Zakia, 18. They are both the children of farmers in a remote mountain province. They are fugitives, but they are together at last, married by a mullah after being kept apart by disapproving families and the taboo of their different ethnicities and sects.

Why did Zakia’s father oppose her marriage to Ali?

But the oppression of women was a big part of Afghan society long before the Taliban. Afghanistan is also a deeply tribal society, and marriages between different ethnic groups are frowned on. This was another reason Zakia’s father opposed her marriage to Ali. Zakia is Tajik, and Ali is Hazara.

Why was Mohammad Ali detained by the police?

When Mohammad Ali was detained by the police in Kabul after his in-laws accused him of kidnapping Zakia, Women for Afghan Women sheltered Zakia in their safe houses and their lawyers helped win Mohammad Ali’s release.

Why was Zakia forced out of her village?

Zakia’s family members were forced out of their village when she eloped, and they constantly pursued the couple. Hailing from the Tajik ethnicity and Sunni sect of Islam, they see her love and subsequent marriage to Mohammad Ali, an ethnic Hazara and a Shiite, a dishonor worthy of her killing.

When did Mohammad Ali go on the run?

Today, I was searching for any latest news on the couple and came across a sad update: Mohammad Ali has been captured. After the pair eloped in March, they had spent the subsequent months on the run.