What engine is in a Lancia Stratos?

What engine is in a Lancia Stratos?

Lancia Stratos

Lancia Stratos HF
Engine 2,418 cc (148 cu in) Dino V6
Power output Stradale: 190 hp (140 kW)
Transmission 5-speed manual

Did Lancia Stratos have a turbo?

The Stratos used the same Ferrari Dino derived 2.4 liter V6 as in the rally car but now comes with a massive turbo, horsepower instantly raised up from the measly 270hp to around 400hp during the car’s early development.

Is the Lancia Stratos street legal?

The sharp bodywork was penned by Marcello Gandini as the world’s first road car to be designed as a racer first and foremost, with the street-legal version manufactured only to satisfy FIA’s homologation regs.

What kind of engine does Lancia Stratos have?

The prototype version of Stratos had three different version of engines in its early development phase: the Lancia Fulvia engine, the Lancia Beta engine and Ferrari’s mid-mounted Dino V6 which eventually became Lancia’s engine of choice. The Stratos debuted in 1974 World Rally Championship after 500 Stratos were produced in a year before.

When was the last Lancia Stratos homologated in Group 4?

Production of the 500 cars required for homologation in Group 4 commenced in 1973 and the Stratos was homologated for the 1974 World Rally Championship season. The Ferrari Dino V6 engine was phased out in 1974, but 500 engines – among the last examples built – were delivered to Lancia.

Is the Lancia Stratos a good rally car?

“The Lancia Stratos is a bit of a dinosaur. It had groundbreaking power and torque in its day, but it’s simply too noisy and brutal for the demands of modern rally. It struggles on gravel, but it’s still got what it takes on tarmac.

How did Bertone build the Lancia Stratos Zero?

Bertone used the running gear of a Fulvia Coupé which belonged to one of his friends and built a running model around it. When Bertone himself appeared at the Lancia factory gates with the Stratos Zero he passed underneath the barrier, to great applause from the Lancia workers.