What does the term PC mean?

What does the term PC mean?

personal computer
A PC is a computer that is used by one person at a time in a business, a school, or at home. PC is an abbreviation for personal computer. PC is an abbreviation for politically correct.

What does PC stand for in England police?

(abbreviation PC) in the U.K., a police officer of the lowest rank. See also. constable. People who work for the police service.

What does PC mean in jail?

A “PC unit” is any group of inmates segregated from the general prison population for their safety. Prisoners who feel physically threatened by other inmates can request protective custody at any time.

What does PC mean after an attorney’s name?

Professional corporations or professional service corporation (abbreviated as PC or PSC) are those corporate entities for which many corporation statutes make special provision, regulating the use of the corporate form by licensed professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, public accountants and physicians …

Which is the best definition of PC Police?

Top definition. PC police. Politically Correct police. These people who constantly worry about being excessively politically correct and will tell you off if you do not act the same way. PC policeperson: Although I am a member of the police, and also a man, I am not a policeman.

How many police abbreviations are there in the world?

There are hundreds of police abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon words used in paperwork and on the radio by law enforcement officials. Whether you’re working towards a career as a police officer or you want to better understand what’s happening on your police scanner, learning police lingo from a police terminology list can be fun and informative.

What does PC stand for in Urban Dictionary?

PC policeperson: Although I am a member of the police, and also a man, I am not a policeman. I am a policeperson. I am watching the weather on my television, and the weather person is vertically challenged.

What does APC stand for in law enforcement?

Arizona Police Association Arlington Police Association Association of Police Authorities Austin Police Association APAIC – Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge APB – Advisory Policy Board (CJIS), or All Points Bulletin APC – Actual Physical Control (of a motorized vehicle), or All Points County APCM – Alaska Police Chaplains’ Ministries