What does the physical exam consist of at MEPS?

What does the physical exam consist of at MEPS?

Medical Evaluation at MEPS You will take a blood and urine test (including a test for drugs). There are also two different urine tests; one is the legal drug urine and the other tests for pH, blood, protein and specific gravity. You’ll take a hearing test, and an eye exam, including depth perception and color vision.

Is there a PT test at MEPS?

Upon arrival at MEPS, candidates complete an aptitude and physical exam to determine military readiness.

Do they check your privates at MEPS?

After that you get called into waiting areas for a bunch of different stations, like hearing, eyesight, blood test, urine drug test, blood pressure, and a full body exam in a private room. You also have to undress to your underwear and do all sorts of exercises in a group in front of a doctor.

What should I bring to MEPS physical?

Keep your luggage to a bare minimum. One backpack or small duffel bag will suffice. You’ll need one change of clothes and an overnight hygiene kit (toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc.). You’ll also need to bring your Social Security card, birth certificate and driver’s license.

What do you need to know about the MEPs physical exam?

Your physical examination consists of: Height and weight measurements. Hearing and vision examinations. Urine and blood tests. Drug and alcohol tests. Muscle group and joint maneuvers, in underclothing. Complete physical examination and interview. Specialized test, if required.

Do you have to sign medical form before MEPs?

This form will be completed and signed prior to attending MEPS for the physical exam. This form is required for all applicants that attend MEPS facilities. In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, all applicants must complete the questionnaire form above.

How did my experience at the Tampa MEPs go?

I’m writing about my experience with the Physical at MEPS in the hopes it answers some female’s questions about what to expect. You’ll survive. I did, and I’m a quiet shy girl. Granted your experience may differ as every facility has their own way of doing things. So this is how it went at the Tampa MEPS.

What do you need to know about processing at MEPs?

Applicants will receive orientation on processing to be done at the MEPS. b. The ASVAB tests will be administered. Persons giving tests and recording test scores will be cautioned to compute and record test designations, test scores, and aptitude area scores with the utmost care.