What does the mini screen for?

What does the mini screen for?

The MINI Screen uses the screening questions for the common mental health problems from the standard Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI). Like a medical review of systems used to screen for medical symptoms in a primary care setting, these questions serve the same purpose for mental health problems.

What does the mini assess?

The standard MINI assesses the 17 most common disorders in mental health. The disorders investigated are the most important to identify in clinical and research settings. The standard MINI does assess both Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features and Bipolar I Disorder with Psychotic Features.

How long does it take to administer the Mini?

With an administration time of approximately 15 minutes, it was designed to meet the need for a short but accurate structured psychiatric interview for multicenter clinical trials and epidemiology studies and to be used as a first step in outcome tracking in nonresearch clinical settings.

How are Mini-Cog screening instruments used for dementia?

Answer: You administer the Mini-Cog screening instrument for dementia. The patient can only recall one out of three items, places most of the numbers correctly on the right side of the clock, and incorrectly places the clock hands.

What’s the name of the mental health screening instrument?

A similar instrument that was developed by Kessler and colleagues at Harvard Medical School is the Kessler-10 (K10) and the shorter 6-item version (K6). The K10 was originally designed to form the mental health component in the annual United States National Health Interview Survey.

What should be included in a screening instrument?

The use of nonaddicting pain treatment modalities, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, nonaddicting medication, and support groups focusing on management of pain and disability are indicated in the context of cognitive behavioral therapy. Screening instruments attempt to measure developmental backwardness or disturbance.

What is the mini cognitive assessment instrument ( Mini-Cog )?

The Mini-Cognitive Assessment Instrument (Mini-Cog) has high sensitivity and specificity with little to no educational or language bias. 18 The Mini-Cog, which can be viewed at, combines the clock drawing test (see “Complete Evaluation for Patients Who Screen Positive”) with a three-item recall test.