What does LanzaTech do?

What does LanzaTech do?

LanzaTech sells technology that transforms carbon pollution into ethanol, a renewable fuel and feedstock for chemicals. Founded in 2005, the start-up is now aiming to produce sustainable jet fuel and chemicals that can be used in consumer goods.

Is LanzaTech a startup?

LanzaTech, a Skokie cleantech startup working to recycle carbon pollution, has landed a new grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Where is LanzaTech located?

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Type Private
Founded 2005
HQ Skokie, IL, US Map
Employee Ratings 3.1 More

Who owns LanzaTech?

Novo Nordisk Foundation
Founded in New Zealand, LanzaTech is based in Illinois, USA and employs more than 160 people. Further information is available at Novo Holdings A/S is a private limited liability company wholly owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

How much money has LanzaTech raised to date?

LanzaTech valuation is $1 b, LanzaTech’s latest funding round in August 2019 was reported to be $72 m. In total, LanzaTech has raised $276.3 m. LanzaTech’s latest valuation is reported to be $1 b.

Can a plane be powered by Lanzatech technology?

Imagine a day when your plane is powered by recycled GHG emissions, when your yoga pants started life as pollution from a steel mill. This future is possible using LanzaTech technology!

What was the purpose of the LanzaTech process?

LanzaTech was founded to take advantage of these organisms to reduce carbon emissions and produce sustainable biofuels. As can be seen in the timeline below, the biology used by acetogens is ancient, predating that of cyanobacteria or algae. 2

How is LanzaTech helping the global carbon crisis?

LanzaTech is turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 10%.