What does golf swing plane mean?

What does golf swing plane mean?

Swing plane is the vertical angle between the ground and the circle that the club head travels on during the bottom portion of the swing arc. Swing plane is similar to what instructors refer to on video as “shaft plane”, but shaft plane uses a 2D camera image at one point (frame) in time.

How important is swing plane in golf?

Professional and low-handicap golfers consider the swing plane to be one of the most important concepts in golf. Swing plane directly relates to how straight, high and far one can hit the ball. If the ball is on a sidehill lie where the ball is above your feet, your swing plane will naturally be flatter.

What plane does a golf swing occur in?

However, the golf swing is performed in multiple planes of motion. The body rotates (transverse plane), shifts (frontal plane) and even thrusts (sagittal)—all in less than two seconds as you go from address to finish.

Does Tiger have a steep swing?

Tiger now has a more vertical spine and doesn’t get “behind” the ball as much as he used to. From this position, the swing plane will inherently be steeper and make it more difficult to shallow out the club.

Is a flat golf swing bad?

The shallow approach angle also decreases your chances of catching the ground first and hitting the ball fat. That’s the good news. The bad news is, an overly flat swing can result in ugly, damaging duck hooks, shots pushed way right and balls struck near the club’s sole.

What is the correct swing plane in golf?

A correct swing plane allows the golfer to swing the golf club at high speed but still be in control to strike the golf ball correctly and in the right direction. This is achieved as the club travels backwards and forwards around the body on the same circle or ‘plane’.

How does spine angle influences swing plane?

In general, there’s a direct relationship between spine angle and swing plane. If you stand upright and close to the ball, with little tilt in the spine, your swing plane will also be upright. If your back is tilted well forward in a more horizontal position, your swing plane will be more horizontal (flat) as well.

What is swing plane?

Swing plane is simply the angle of your swing arc in relation to the ground. If you made a perfectly upright swing, the club would travel on an arc perpendicular to the ground, like a Ferris wheel .

Is Symple power swing a “single plane swing”?

Yes, in fact Symple Swing is the “most” single plane or “one plane” golf swing there is. A single plane swing is where the backswing and downswing travel on the same plane (or path). The idea of of single plane swing is somewhat new.