What does FMC stand for in FMC Technologies?

What does FMC stand for in FMC Technologies?

Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation FMC Corporation (Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation) is an American chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which originated as an insecticide producer and later diversified into other industries.

How many types of wellheads are there?

Two types of wellhead chokes are used. They are (1) positive (fixed) chokes and (2) adjustable chokes. Placing a choke at the wellhead means fixing the wellhead pressure and, thus, the flowing bottom-hole pressure and production rate.

What does TechnipFMC do?

We are a global leader in the energy industry TechnipFMC is a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energies industry; delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services.

How many subsea wellheads have TechnipFMC installed?

Since 1993, we have collaborated with our customers on hundreds of projects in every corner of the world, and our subsea wellhead equipment and installation services have proven to be the best in the industry. We have installed more than 2,200 subsea wellheads, many of which are in service today.

What do you need to know about a wellhead system?

The risk of mechanical damage during drilling operations is relatively high, and the critical landing and sealing areas in the wellhead system need to be protected with a removable bore protector and wear bushings, as shown in Fig. 7. Fig. 7—Photos of the nominal bore protector, 133/8-in. wear bushing, and 95/8-in. wear bushing.

What kind of technology does FMC Technologies use?

FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.

Is the SS-15 wellhead system compatible with the ES system?

Casing hangers, seal assemblies, wear bushings and running tools for the ES system are compatible with the standard SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System. The SS-15ES Subsea Wellhead System includes all the field-proven benefits found in the standard SS-15 Subsea Wellhead System, and is available with all industry-standard locking profiles. ss-15es feaTures