What does EG Civic mean?

What does EG Civic mean?

EG = ’92-’95 Civic (sometimes used just for hatches) EK = ’96-’00 Civic (sometimes used just for hatches) A Honda chassis code IS based on the following: – Year range / Generation.

What year is Honda EG?

Honda Civic (fifth generation)

Honda Civic Fifth generation (EG/EH/EJ)
1994 Honda Civic GLi hatchback
Manufacturer Honda
Production September 1991 – August 1995

What is lightest eg Honda?

The 92-95 VX hatch weighs in a 2094 lbs. The 88-91 base hatch weighs in a 2127 lbs. The 96+ DX hatch weighs in a 2222 lbs. The Del Sol weighs the most at 2301 lbs.

Why is the EG Civic so popular?

A popular reason why Civics are popular is because of its VTEC engine. VTEC is a valve timing tech of Honda that gives better combustion/fuel atomization that improves total airflow providing higher top-end power.

Are there JDM parts for the Honda Civic EG6 Sir?

Welcome, Here you can browse through our JDM Parts for the 92-95 Honda Civic Eg6 SiR Interior and Exterior products. Please note these parts are removed from right hand drive vehicles. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or send us a email. JDM Honda Civic Stanley Eg6 2 door hatchback, and coupe Clear Corner Lights.

Is the JDM Civic Stanley EG6 2 door hatchback?

JDM Honda Civic Stanley Eg6 2 door hatchback, and coupe Clear Corner Lights. These… JDM Eg6 SiR Civic Black Door Sill Set. Both are in great condition, mounting points intact and not broken…

Is the center console on a Honda Civic EG6?

JDM Civic Eg6 SiR Grey Center Console with Cup Holder. Shift boot included and in great condition… Used 92-95 2 Door Civic Eg6 Interior Power Mirror Cover set. Sold as a pair Right and Left, No broken…

Are there any JDM engines in a Honda Civic?

JDM Acura Honda RSX Integra Type R DC5 Red Recarco… used JDM Honda Civic EK9 Doors with power folding… Used JDM Honda S2000 AP1 Blue OEM Front Autobody Nose… JDM Honda Civic 1992-1993 CX DX P06-C01 ECU for 5 Speed…