What does an energy recovery wheel do?

What does an energy recovery wheel do?

In winter, as exhaust air passes through the ERV, energy is captured by the wheel. As the wheel rotates into the incoming airstream, energy is released by the wheel to heat and humidify the incoming airstream closer to indoor conditions, reducing unit workload and energy consumed by the heating system.

How does recovery wheel work?

An energy recovery wheel consists of a circular honeycomb matrix of heat-absorbing material, which is slowly rotated within the supply and exhaust air streams of an air-handling system. Most energy recovery devices transfer heat (sensible) energy only.

How do you clean energy recovery wheels?

To clean, gain access to the energy recovery wheel and remove segments. Brush foreign material from the face of the wheel. Wash the segments or small wheels in a 5% solution of non-acid based coil cleaner or alkaline detergent and warm water.

What is an enthalpy recovery wheel?

Enthalpy wheels — or energy recovery wheels (ERWs), as they are sometimes known — are established as one of the leading energy recovery devices on the market. Others transfer only latent energy (moisture). The third type transfers both sensible and latent energy from exhaust air to incoming outdoor air.

How are energy recovery wheels can save energy?

Energy Recovery Wheels | HVAC Enthalpy & Heat and CO2 Control Can Save Energy – Conclusion. By utilizing precise control that CO2 control offers to a buildings HVAC system and by pre-conditioning the outside air using the energy contained in the exhaust air by using an energy recovery wheel a building can be optimized to utilize less energy.

How are temperature sensors used in energy recovery wheel?

Temperature sensor — A device that senses the air temperature in the duct, then transmits the information to the temperature controller . Depending on the configuration, an Energy Recovery Wheel unit has at least three or four temperature sensors in the ducting of the four air streams .

How is wheel effectiveness controlled in heating recovery mode?

During the Heating Recovery mode, the wheel effectiveness will be controlled by the wheel exhaust bypass damper such that when full heat recovery is not needed, it will transfer just enough heat from the exhaust airflow to the outside airflow to maintain the discharge air temperature.

How does the Semco Energy recovery wheel work?

TECHNICAL GUIDE ENERGY RECOVERY WHEEL The True 3Å wheel utilizes a 3Å molecular sieve desiccant coating to limit the risk of desiccant cross- contamination, which would otherwise cause a portion of the exhaust air pollutants to be transferred, along with the water vapor, to the fresh air stream.