What do you put in a holiday gift basket?

What do you put in a holiday gift basket?

Whether it is to warm up after a day of winter activities or to take along as you view the holiday lights, hot chocolate is a holiday must. Mugs, paper to-go cups, yummy varieties of hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes and stir sticks are perfect items to include in this gift basket.

What can I put in a Christmas food basket?

Holiday Food and Treats While staples are a must in a gift basket for the needy, don’t forget to add some special treats. Add holiday items such as canned cranberry sauce, stuffing mix and pumpkin pie filling. Nonperishable sweets such as chocolate, hard candy and cookies are surprises that will be appreciated.

What can I put in my friends Christmas basket?

25+ DIY Homemade Christmas Basket Ideas Your Friends and Family Will Love

  1. of 28. A Jar of Sweet & Spicy Coated Nuts.
  2. of 28. A Box of Slice-and-Bake Shortbread Cookies.
  3. of 28. A Box of Millionaire’s Bars.
  4. of 28. Flavored Salt Gift Basket.
  5. of 28. Jalapeño and Cheddar Skillet Cornbread.
  6. of 28. Honey Butter.
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What to put in a gift basket?

A gift basket or fruit basket is typically a gift delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace. A variety of gift baskets exist: some contain fruit; while others might contain dry or canned foods such as tea, crackers and jam; or the basket might include a combination of fruit and dried good items.

What are some Homemade Christmas gift ideas?

Here’s a list of the Homemade Christmas Gifts: Gift #1 Magnetic Fabric Bulletin Board. Gift #2 Tea Cup Candles. Gift #3 Felt Cookies. Gift #4 DIY Pottery Barn Art. Gift #5 Tea Wreath. Gift #6 Appliqued Receiving Blankets.

How do you make a homemade gift?

Try combining a mix of store bought and homemade gifts in the basket for a personal touch. Making a gift basket is easy. Start by filling a basket with tissue paper, shredded cardboard, or decorative packing material. Wedge small gifts into basket, arranging them in a pleasing pattern.

What are some holiday gifts for kids?

Maileg Ballet School: Maileg toys are some of our very favorites, and this ballerina set is so sweet. Lip Balm Shells: These lip balms are great stocking stuffers. Ice Cream Beanie: Kids will be screaming for this adorable ice cream hat. Maileg Mouse Super Hero: These tiny animals make the very best friends.