What developer do you mix pm shines with?

What developer do you mix pm shines with?

Formulation: Mix one part Clear Shine with 1.5 parts 5 volume Paul Mitchell® Cream Developer.

How do you mix pm shines hair color?

Mix 2 ounces of PM Shine color with 2 ounces of Processing Liquid in a bowl or application bottle. For dry, damaged or recently processed hair, dilute the coloring mix by replacing 1/2 ounce of PM Shine with Clear Shine. Damaged hair holds more dye and may turn out darker than desired if the with undiluted color.

Is Paul Mitchell discontinuing pm shines?

PM SHINES® was one of the first hair color products introduced by Paul Mitchell, and will be retiring this year.

How is the best way to mix pm shines?

Pour one part PM Shines with one part Processing Liquid in your applicator bottle. Typically, you will want to mix two ounces of PM Shines with two ounces of Processing Liquid, but you may need to add more for longer hair. Place your finger over the tip of your applicator bottle and shake the mixture until both parts are fully blended.

How long does it take for PM shines to set?

Work with one section of hair at a time, adding color at the roots and working to the tip. Pile the dyed hair on top of your head. For longer hair, you may need to secure it with a clip or disposable shower cap. Allow the color to set for 20 minutes.

What kind of hair color is pm shines?

The demi-permanent, ammonia-free PM Shines is a line of 32 professional hair colors designed by manufacturer Paul Mitchell for use at high-end salons.

What happens when you mix 5N and 6b?

Mixing two different levels in a color formula will change the resulting level. In your case- Mixing 5N and 6B(if equal parts) will give you a 6.5, which is just a touch lighter than a 5. The color line you’re using probably offers a 4 B as well, so if I were you I would mix 5N(1/2), 6B(1/4), and 4B(1/4) to stay at a level 5.