What can solcoseryl dental adhesive paste be used for?

What can solcoseryl dental adhesive paste be used for?

SOLCOSERYL Dental Adhesive Paste is a preparation for the local treatment of: – Painful and inflammatory disorders of the mucous membranes of the mouth, gum and the lips: mouth ulcers (aphthae), herpes labialis, inflammations of the gums (gingivitis, periodontitis) – Denture Sores.

Can you use solcoseryl gum gel after tooth extraction?

Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste cannot be used after tooth extraction, resection, or suturing of the gums in the gap. The manual says that the paste has no components that kill the microbes. Based on this, it does not protect against inflammatory processes. So you need to treatment to disinfect the oral cavity by any antiseptic preparations.

How is solcoseryl used to treat mucosa problems?

Although ointments are fat based are rarely required to resolve the problems of internal defects of the mucosa due to the unreliable fixing, they are still very efficient and effective. Solcoseryl in the healing of mucous membrane of the mouth commonly used in three forms: gel, ointment or paste with adhesive action.

When to use solcoseryl as a wound dressing?

– As wound dressing after surgical treatment of the mouth such as: scaling, curettage, periodontal operations, extractions, fitting of immediate dentures, alveolittis As active ingredients SOLCOSERYL Dental Ahesive Paste contains a haemodialysate from calves blood to promote healing, and polidocanol to relieve pain quickly and lastingly.

How often to apply solcoseryl for mouth ulcers?

Local treatment for mouth ulcers, herpes labialis, gingivitis, periodontitis; denture sores, teething problems. Wound dressing after surgical mouth treatment. Apply to dried lesions 3-5 times daily. Hypersensitivity to parahydroxybenzoates. Hypersensitivity. Not to be used in deep wounds subsequently closed to surgical suture.

Is it safe to take solcoseryl during pregnancy?

There are no contraindications to the use of the drug Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste during pregnancy and lactation, although special controlled safety studies of the drug in women during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted. In respect of the children are not limitations of the preparation.