What band is similar to the Strokes?

What band is similar to the Strokes?

Similar To

  • Arctic Monkeys.
  • Franz Ferdinand.
  • Razorlight.
  • Spoon.
  • The Hives.
  • The Libertines.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  • Blonde Redhead.

Who is influenced by the Strokes?

The Ramones: the ultimate gang, beautifully ugly, masters of melodic dissonance. Blondie: Super-bright pop genius. The Velvet Underground: Nikolai and Julian’s teenage heroes. Talking Heads: their debut album, ’77’, was a sonic touchstone for ‘Room On Fire’.

Are the Strokes British?

The Strokes, American rock group often credited with having spearheaded a revival of 1960s-style garage rock in the early 21st century. Although their songs hinted at a rough-and-tumble life, the Strokes were composed mainly of privileged sons of the New York City elite. Singer Julian Casablancas (b.

What music genre is the Strokes?

The Strokes/Genres

What are some bands similar to the strokes?

Let’s see: guitar-based rock that emerged in the early 2000s with post-punk influences, some indie rock cred, and compelling musical hooks. Try: Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Exercise your jaw with this new device. This is changing jawlines everywhere. Originally Answered: What is a band like The Strokes?

When did the strokes come out as a band?

The Strokes are often credited for effectively reintroducing the popularity of indie rock in the new millennium. Learn more about the five-member band below, in the wake of their 2020 reunion following past hiatuses: 1. The Strokes formed in 1998.

How many albums has The Strokes album sold?

It went on to win Best Rock Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. As of 2020, the band has sold 5 million albums worldwide.

When did The Strokes perform on SNL?

The Strokes are the musical guests on the Oct. 31 episode of ‘SNL,’ marking yet another 2020 performance for the band that one ruled the early 2000’s indie rock scene. Learn more about the band! When you think of indie rock, you think of The Strokes.