What are the times for Economy 7 electricity?

What are the times for Economy 7 electricity?

Usually you get your seven hours of off-peak electricity sometime between 11pm and 8am. This might be split up into chunks of time. You can contact your supplier to find out your exact Economy 7 off-peak electricity hours.

How do I know if I have Economy 7 electricity?

You can check if you’re on an Economy 7 tariff by taking a look at your bill. You bill will have separate readings for ‘electricity – day’ and ‘electricity – night’ if you’re on Economy 7. If the first number on the top line is 02, it’s likely that you’re on an Economy 7 tariff.

What is the cheapest electricity in Northern Ireland?

Credit meter electricity tariffs by provider (based on typical use)

Click Energy Bill Pay 24 1 Year Discount £608
Electric Ireland Simpler Living Discount £584
Power NI Energy Online Direct Debit – Monthly £571
SSE Airtricity Home Electricity – direct debit & e-bill £630

How do I contact energy budget?

Call our customer helpline at 0800 012 1177, Email [email protected] or write to Budget Energy Head Office, Energy House, 30-32 Ballinska Road, Springtown Industrial Estate, Londonderry BT48 0LY.

How does the Economy 7 energy plan work?

The Economy 7 energy plan (otherwise known as a ‘differential tariff’) is a way to save money on your energy bill by paying a cheaper electricity tariff for seven hours during the night.

When to use Economy 7 off peak electricity?

Economy 7 tariffs work by offering cheaper electricity at night (an ‘off-peak’ rate). The ‘7’ stands for the seven hours that the ‘off-peak’ rate is available – from 1am – 8am in winter and 2am – 9am in summer.

Can you get cheap energy with Economy 7?

Being on an Economy 7 tariff certainly doesn’t mean you can rely on getting cheap energy, though; as with any other sort of electricity supply the key to finding the right deal tends to be shopping around and switching.

How much does Economy 7 electricity tariff save?

The table below shows the cost difference between an Economy 7 tariff with seven hours at off-peak rates and a normal, single rate electricity tariff. Assuming 42% of electricity is used at night – the national average – an Economy 7 tariff could typically save around £30/year.