What are the different types of liberty?

What are the different types of liberty?

Types of freedom

  • Freedom of association.
  • Freedom of belief.
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom to express oneself.
  • Freedom of the press.
  • Freedom to choose one’s state in life.
  • Freedom of religion.
  • Freedom from bondage and slavery.

What are the 3 types of freedom?

There are three types of freedom. The first kind of freedom is “freedom from,” a freedom from the constraints of society. Second, is “freedom to,” a freedom to do what we want to do. Thirdly, there is “freedom to be,” a freedom, not just to do what we want, but a freedom to be who we were meant to be.

What are the two different types of liberty?


  • Positive liberty.
  • Negative liberty.
  • Abuse of positive liberty.
  • Dialectic of positive and negative liberty.

What are the three different types of Liberty?

Liberty is of the following kinds: (1) Natural Liberty. (2) Civil Liberty. (3) Personal Liberty.

Which is the best description of natural liberty?

Natural Liberty: It is the liberty which men enjoyed in the imaginary ‘state of nature’ when civil society did not exist. It is generally identified with unlimited and unrestricted freedom. Rousseau was the chief exponent of the concept of natural liberty. In his opinion, man lost natural liberty with the emergence of the state or civil society.

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What are the different types of civil rights?

Civil rights consist in the right to life, liberty, property, speech, press, association, education etc. The more the civil rights, the greater the civil liberty. It has both positive and negative aspects. In the negative sense, it means freedom or the immunity of an individual from interference on the part of others.