What are the current trends in curriculum development?

What are the current trends in curriculum development?

They are: (1) more cooperation among TVE users and providers; (2) more integration with TVE subfields and articulation among TVE levels; (3) more experiential learning and flexibility in curriculum structure; and (4) development of skill standards and an assessment process to lead and demonstrate curricular quality and …

What are some examples of curriculum trends or issues in education today?

Education Trends Every Curriculum Director Should Know About

  • Trauma-Sensitive Education.
  • Educator Self-Care.
  • Activism and Education.
  • Social Media and the Educator’s Tool Kit.
  • Impact of Facilities on Learning.
  • Providing Individualized Attention.
  • Student Educators.
  • Virtual Reality Inside the Classroom.

What are the current trends in education 2020?

Immersive learning through virtual reality. Digital lessons personalized for each student. Online games that teach important information while showing students that learning is fun.

What are the emerging trends in science education?

Abstract Emerging Trends in Science Education in a Dynamic Academic Environment highlights the changes that have occurred in science education particularly in institutions of higher learning in southern Nigeria.

What are the current educational trends in the world?

Education trends are dynamic in nature. Here let us have a look at the educational trends you will witness in the year 2019. 1. Integrated Learning Solutions It is not a Practical Idea for schools to wait till 100% digitalization to give students the taste of modern education.

What are the current issues in the curriculum?

There has been massive training of schoolteachers and orientation of school heads and supervisors for the nationwide implementation of the curriculum; however, the training programme was not sustained at the regional and division levels; thus the poor school implementation .

What do you need to know about curriculum development?

The different parties involved in the development of the curriculum must undergo in-service training. They should be made fully aware of their role and responsibility in the curriculum development.