What are requirements for chemical labels?

What are requirements for chemical labels?

OSHA has updated the requirements for labeling of hazardous chemicals under its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). All labels are required to have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification.

What should be included in the label and package of chemical?

Primary Container Labeling

  • Product Identifier – Name of the product.
  • Pictograms – Graphic giving information about the potential hazard(s) of the product.
  • Signal Word – Descriptive word/statement that explains the potential hazard of the product.
  • Hazard Statements – Explanation of the product’s potential hazard.

What 3 things must be listed on a chemical transfer container label?

What Information Must Appear on the Label? OSHA says you have to put the PRODUCT NAME, the HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS it contains, and words or pictures that show the KEY HAZARDS (e.g. inhalation hazard, ingestion hazard, skin absorption hazard, skin irritant, eye corrosion hazard, etc).

What are the requirements for a hazardous chemical label?

HazCom Label Requirements. The HCS requires chemical manufacturers, importers, and distributors to label each container of hazardous chemicals leaving the workplace. These labels must include a product identifier, signal word, hazard statement(s), precautionary statement(s), and pictogram(s) in addition to the name, address,…

What is an OSHA label?

Pre-Designed OSHA Label Templates. OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and was created to issue and enforce guidelines that promote workplace safety.

What color is a chemical hazard label?

The chemical hazard label indicates the class of hazard. It uses three major color-coded categories: Health (yellow), Flammability (red), and Instability (blue).