What are national awards in Jrotc?

What are national awards in Jrotc?

This annual award recognizes one outstanding third-year cadet at each unit that meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of patriotism, love of country, and service to the nation.
  • Indicate the potential and desire to pursue a military career.
  • Rank in the top 10% of their AFJROTC class.

What is the highest national award offered in Jrotc?

Scholastic Excellence Award. The cadet must: Be in the top 10 percent of his or her class in academic subjects. Be in the top 25 percent of his or her class in JROTC subjects.

What are the 3 three types of awards that a Jrotc school can earn?

Medal for Heroism. Awarded to any JROTC cadet who performs an act of heroism.

  • Superior Cadet. Awarded annually to one outstanding cadet in each LET level.
  • Distinguished Cadet.
  • Academic Excellence.
  • Academic Achievement.
  • Perfect Attendance.
  • Peer Mediation.
  • LET Service.
  • Where can I get an AFJROTC award certificate?

    Ribbons will be available from HQ AFJROTC anddistributed to the Area Administrators for presentation. The award consists ofa certificate and a ribbon, which may be presented by the Area Administratorduring the visit or the SASI if the cadet (s) is unavailable due to classscheduling conflict, etc.

    How is the AFJROTC ribbon awarded to a cadet?

    The award consists of a certificate and a ribbon, which is presented by the Region Director during the visit, unless personal observation of the cadet warrants otherwise. Once awarded, the ribbon may be worn for the duration of a cadet’s tenure in AFJROTC.

    How are NJROTC Awards awarded in the Navy?

    1. performance of a meritorious act. Excludes performance in a leadership position. manager. 2. Distinguished Unit status. Awarded to only highest levels of performance. 3. service, drill, etc.) 4. naval science courses. 5. performance. The cadet must exhibit in all facets of NJROTC. Awarded on a case- by-case basis by the area manager.

    What is the Senior ROTC Superior Cadet medal?

    Senior ROTC Superior Cadet Medal award. Medal set includes ribbon. The Amelia Earhart Award is a cadet achievement award presented in honor of Amelia Earhart. Perhaps no name is as symbolic of aerospace achievement as Amelia Earhart. In 1928, she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air.