Siapakah nama istri Papa Zola?

Siapakah nama istri Papa Zola?

Mama Zila. Istri dari Papa Zola.

Berapa umur Papa Zola BoBoiBoy?

Papa Zola telah memberitahu umurnya pada 25 Februari 2013 (tanggal pada Musim 2, Episode 11) bahwa umurnya adalah 37 tahun, 8 bulan, dan 18 hari. Maka, tanggal lahirnya adalah pada 7 Juni 1975 (tanggal dalam seri BoBoiBoy).

Siapa suara Papa Zola?

Nizam RazakBoBoiBoy Galaxy
Papa Zola/Voiced by

Apa kepanjangan dari pipi Zola?

SuperheroMAXID on Instagram: “Nama penuh dari PIPI ZOLA adalah Putri Intan Payung Indah Zulaikha Odelia Ladasyia Absyari Karakter yang paling menggemaskan di @boboiboy…”

Who is Papa Zola in the real world?

Papa Zola is a legendary superhero in his own self-titled television series. He was pulled out of the game into real world when BoBoiBoy and Gopal was warped out. He has since taken a job working as a teacher at BoBoiBoy’s school where he teaches a huge range of subjects in hillarious ways. Papa Zola is a character in BoBoiBoy and Papa Pipi .

Who is the director of the movie BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy: The Movie (originally BoBoiBoy: Power Sphere) is a 2016 Malaysian computer-animated superhero comedy film directed by Nizam Razak and co-written by Nizam himself and Anas Abdul Aziz. It is Animonsta Studios ‘ first film, based on their animated TV franchise BoBoiBoy .

What happens to BoBoiBoy in the movie Monsta?

BoBoiBoy teams up with his friends to save their loyal robot companion Ochobot, from a band of alien treasure hunters who plan to use Ochobot to locate a dangerous power hidden on Earth.

When did Papa Zola become captain of tapops?

Papa Zola later was promoted to TAPOPS Captain, after he managed to defeat a space mosquito from hurting BoBoiBoy, officially joining the team on their adventures. Papa Zola and his daughter Pipi Zola spend their time together to go on small adventures in Rintis Island .