Should I kill Zathrian?

Should I kill Zathrian?

If one kills Zathrian using cone of cold spells etc. then you may not be able to side with the werewolves or Zathrian at the end, meaning you must kill him during later dialogue in the quest. This means Lanaya will become the Keeper. (Xbox confirmed).

Can you convince Zathrian?

The only way to provoke Hermit is to click on a nearby tree stump and to try taking something from it. This will make him angry and he’ll start the battle himself. Make sure to attack Hermit first, because he’s a powerful mage. Once he’s dead check his body for the acorn.

How do you get to Witherfang in Dragon Age Origins?


  1. There is a barrier in the east forest area that you need the bark from that tree to get through. Continue on in that direction and you’ll come to some ruins.
  2. u must finish that quest 1st, the tree will give u (*i forgot the name) staff, that will open the blocked path on the next map to chase Witherfang.

How do I get into the lair of the werewolves in Dragon Age?

Beyond a chamber that is full of nothing but lovely presents from sadistic elven architects (all the fire traps) is the final area of the Lower Ruins. Past that room off in a small room to the side you will see a pool of water, which you swim through in order to reach the Werewolf’s lair.

Can you kill Zathrian in Dragon Age Origins?

When Zathrian talks to you, he should mention that Lanaya knows what to do with the heart. This means that you can kill him with no punishments. The good news is that he is also still wounded from whatever damage Witherfang did in the last fight. He will not heal.

How to kill Witherfang in Dragon Age Origins?

Brutal Zathrian: You either take the heart from Witherfang straight off the bat, or go along with the parley and fetch Zathrian, then kill them all with his help. I guess this would kill Witherfang, lift the curse, but keep Zathrian alive. Same outcome though.

Is the battle with Zathrian easy or hard?

The battle with Zathrian is exceptionally difficult, so it’s a good thing the game automatically saves before making you enter the fray. Zathrian casts a sort of paralysis spell on everyone in the room except the members of your own party, so if you were expecting an easy battle because of all of the Werewolves around you, think again.

What happens if you kill Zathrian in nature of the Beast?

If one kills Zathrian using cone of cold spells etc. then you may not be able to side with the werewolves or Zathrian at the end, meaning you must kill him during later dialogue in the quest. This means Lanaya will become the Keeper.

Is the lady of the forest Witherfang?

Lady of the Forest Witherfang was a great wolf to which Zathrian bound the spirit of the forest centuries earlier in order to get revenge on the humans that murdered his son and raped his daughter. Witherfang hunted the humans, slaying some and passing the werewolf curse through his blood to others.

How can we save elves and werewolves?

You need like 3 points into Coercion and you can convince Zathrian that killing himself is the only option to end the curse. The Elves go on with their lives and the Werewolves are freed from their curse. You need to fight him first but after the battle he will agree to it.

How do I get Zathrian to end the curse?

Who is Witherfang?

Witherfang is a great wolf and the head of a pack of werewolves that have been fighting Zathrian’s clan of Dalish elves during the events of the Fifth Blight.

How do you side with elves and werewolves?

What to do when you get Zathrian in Dragon Age Origins?

When you get Zathrian, you’ll learn that he will have to sacrifice himself to end the curse. He refuses to help the werewolves, so you’ll need to convince him. You’ll need to attack. He will lock up all the werewolves with a stunning spell though. I wasn’t able to cleanse the spell away, so you might end up on your own.

What to do in Dragon Age Origins Brecilian Forest?

19. Dragon Age: Origins Brecilian Forest As you arrive you will be approached by the Dalish. Tell them that’s why you’re here. You will have a chance to persuade her to meet their leader (the Keeper), so do so if you can. If not, use other means to convince her to let you in.

Which is the best option for Zathrian to die?

The best option involves Zathrian removing the curse, and thus dying. The only one where he lives involves killing wither fang and taking his heart. What a dirty mouth you have there, I think I’ll wash it out with fist.

Where to find Zathrian in lair of the werewolves?

Thankfully, when you walk into the lower ruins, you won’t have to leave, head back to the Brecilian Forest, and work your way back to the Dalish Camp to find Zathrian. Instead, Zathrian has already made his way to the ruins, and sits in wait of you.