Is UATU still dead?

Is UATU still dead?

Based on the reveal that Uatu is alive and seeking payback, it’s clear that more trouble is on the way.

How powerful is UATU the Watcher?

Mighty powers: As a Watcher, Uatu is immortal, and possesses powerful psionic abilities as well as various other powers, including flight, telepathy, teleportation, superhuman intelligence and so on.

Why did fury Kill the Watcher?

After realizing the Watcher’s eyes were where the things he had witnessed were saved, and that the only way for him to stop the criminals before they could do anything was to have one of the eyes, to have their identities revealed to him, Fury killed the Watcher and took the remaining eye.

What happens to Uatu and the Watchers on Earth 616?

Uatu witnessed as the planet struck the cloud of atomic waste, destroying both. This reinforced in Uatu’s mind that his father was right, that they should leave things to fate. Eventually, the Watchers assigned themselves onto the moons of various inhabited worlds to observe activities there.

Who was the Watcher on Earth-616?

Since then, the Watcher watched over the Earth and interacted with the people of Earth much like he did on Earth-616.

What was the past history of Uatu Earth-9997?

The past history of of Uatu of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, however with some darker undertones. According to the past history of Earth-9997, the Watchers were charged with watching various worlds, but for a more different reason.

What did Ikor tell Uatu about the Watchers?

Uatu asked his father if their vow of non-interference would be a hindrance to races that were in serious danger. Ikor advised his son that no matter what, they should never interfere in the affairs of another alien world ever again. Now calling themselves the Watchers, they traveled the universe viewing everything they encountered.