Is the Jay and Dan podcast still together?

Is the Jay and Dan podcast still together?

On December 21, 2017, it was announced that SC with Jay and Dan would be moving from a Monday–Friday schedule to a Sunday–Thursday schedule in 2018. On February 2, 2021, Dan O’Toole was laid off from Bell Media as part of a wider series of cuts across the company, which led to the program’s cancellation.

Is Jay onrait married?

Chobi Liangm. 2013
Darcy Modinm. ?–2002
Jay Onrait/Spouse
Since 2011, Onrait has compiled a best albums year-end list with TSN sports personality Dave Hodge. Onrait married Chobi Liang, a former TSN PR, in October 2013, after splitting with Darcy Modin in 2002. Their daughter was born on May 27, 2015. Their son was then born 3 years later on November 27, 2018.

Is Jay onrait still with TSN?

Jay Onrait still has a job at TSN, but “Jay and Dan,” at least how we knew them, are no longer. Hosting his first show since Bell Media laid off his longtime friend and co-anchor Dan O’Toole, Onrait got emotional speaking about the end of the pair’s nearly two-decade run together. “It’s been a tough week here at TSN.

Why was Natasha fired from TSN?

After covering the 2010 Grey Cup, TSN vice-president Mark Melliere was looking for someone to cover Jennifer Hedger’s anchor position while she left for maternity leave. On February 4, 2021 after 10 years at TSN, Staniszewski was let go as part of a series of layoffs at Bell Media.

When did the Jay and Dan podcast Start?

In Part 3 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we talk to our friend Gerry Dee, who recalls first meeting the guys at an event over fifteen years ago, and is grateful for what they’ve built since. Wit…

What happens in Part 4 of Jay and Dan?

In Part 4 of the Jay and Dan 3.0 Podcast finale we talk to our friend James Duthie tries to convince us he’s not a Senators fan, remembers being asked to recruit Dan for TSN, and recounts the old AM/PM golf mix up. We flashback to the story that literally launched it’s own podcast with the tale of the Rubber Boot man.

Who is the NBA analyst on Jay and Dan?

Dan learns a good deed can be met with skepticism, Jay has a message for the hoarders and the boys pay tribute to a grape stomping legend. TSN NBA Analyst Leo Rautins joins the podcast to help us keep a level head and gives some perspective to the situation while looking back at the halted NBA season.

Who is Robert lusetich on Jay and Dan?

Jay ponders what virtual Hedonism would look like, while Dan concludes that he sounds better with his mask on than off. Friend of the pod Robert Lusetich joins the show to discuss his part in t…