Is the BMW 2002 reliable?

Is the BMW 2002 reliable?

The BMW 2002 didn’t do anything new, as such. It didn’t introduce a production-spec turbocharger, or independent suspension, or front disc brakes. But it was a reliable, well-made, practical yet fun car that was easy to modify. One that sets the reputation BMW is still judged by to this day.

Why is it called the 2002 Turbo?

Fast Facts – The BMW 2002 ✱ The 2002 is named not for the year 2002 but for the fact that it has a 2000cc engine and 2 doors – 2000 + 2. ✱ The 2002 remained in production from 1968 until 1975, with almost 400,000 built in total. ✱ Today the most collectible versions are the rare BMW 2002 Turbo and the BMW 2002 Tii.

What years did they make the BMW 2002?

There were three distinct “generations” of the BMW 2002 range during its eight and a half year production life. The first generation cars were built between 1968 and 1971. The second generation, or model 71, cars were built between 1971 and 1973.

What kind of engine does a BMW 2002 have?

For 1971 another stylish version of the 2002 was created, the 1.6 liter Baur cabriolet was upgraded to the 2 liter engine making it a 2002 Cabriolet. By 1971 BMW management decided to upgrade 2002 again, this time by developing the engine with Kugelfischer fuel injection.

When did the BMW 2002 cabriolet come out?

The 2002 Automatic, with the base engine and a ZF 3HP12 3 speed automatic transmission, became available in 1969. In 1971, the Baur cabriolet was switched from the 1.6 L engine to the 2.0 L engine to become the 2002 TopCabriolet, a cabrio coach with a large rollbar and fixed window frames which continued to be available well into 1975.

When did the BMW 2002 Turbo come out?

For those really looking for all the wild horses they could get 1973 saw the introduction of the BMW 2002 Turbo with the compression ratio reduced to 6.9:1 and the Kugelfischer fuel injected engine fitted with a KKK turbocharger. This elevated power to 170 hp @ 5,800 rpm.

What was the significance of the BMW 2002?

BMW’s “Neue Klasse” cars were the key to company’s survival and its ability to define its future. The BMW 2002 was one of the most important models in BMW securing that future: and not only that, they were made as a driver’s car and have kept that enthusiast appeal ever since.