Is spectral throw good?

Is spectral throw good?

Spectral Throw which is an incredibly rewarding skill if you throw some money at it! The reduced deceleration giving it an extra couple of hits on maximum range actually seemed to introduce a lot of extra damage so perhaps we’ll still be super fine!

Can spectral throw chain Poe?

It doesn’t, since spectral throw pierces. Things that pierce don’t fork or chain, and ST pierces 100% of the time.

Is spectral throw melee?

Spectral Throw – Spectral Throw – PoEDB, Path of Exile Wiki. Throws a spectral copy of your melee weapon. It flies out and then returns to you, in a spinning attack that damages enemies in its path.

Can spectral throw shotgun?

Each mob can only be hit a maximum of 1 time every 0.3 seconds, so they cannot be shotgun by multiple projectiles on return or throwing out.

How to use spectral throw Alldayeveryday in RuneScape?

Pick the version that suits you! Rare: Attack Speed / Attack Speed With Swords / Attack Speed While Dual Wielding / Crit multi/Increased Damage/Projectile Damage/ Projectile Speed (Pick whatever you want as the 4 mod. Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits while using Pride is the most important out of all of them.

Is the spectral shield throw a good skill?

Spectral Shield Throw (SST) was always on my list as a really nice looking and funny skill. It received attention as some streamers played it last season with the Deadeye cold conversion variant. But vanished really fast again.

Can you swap spectral throw for shattering steel?

You can also try and swap Spectral Throw for Shattering Steel (Or Lancing steel though i would not recommend the later) if you want to try something different. Spectral Throw has inbuild pierce, so it will feel better if you are still short of slots and/or damage. I also find the mechanic of the returning projectiles engaging and fun to use.