Is reconcile bad for dogs?

Is reconcile bad for dogs?

In one study, one of 112 dogs in the control group and three of 117 dogs that received Reconcile chewable tablets experienced the serious adverse reaction of seizures. One of the three dogs treated with Reconcile chewable tablets experienced two seizures 10 days after the end of therapy.

Are reconcile and fluoxetine the same thing?

Reconcile is a flavored chewable tablet of the drug Fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is a prescription behavior modifying medication used in dogs and cats to treat several behavioral disorders including aggression in dogs and anxiety. Fluoxetine is the generic drug name for Prozac.

How long does reconcile take to work for dogs?

Some dogs may show improvement within 1 to 2 weeks of starting treatment with Reconcile chewable tablets. Others may take as long as 8 weeks to show improvement. Your veterinarian will monitor the response to Reconcile chewable tablets and the training plan.

What does Fluoxetine do to dogs?

Fluoxetine (brand names: Prozac®, Reconcile®, Sarafem®) is an SSRI antidepressant used to treat a variety of behavioral disorders in dogs and cats. The FDA approved form for dogs is labeled to treat separation anxiety.

How big does a dog have to be to take reconcile?

Reconcile is a chewable, flavored tablet that you give to your dog once a day to treat separation anxiety. It is administered in conjunction with a simple training plan. Reconcile chewable tablets are for use in dogs and puppies 6 months of age or older, and 8.8 pounds (4.0 kilograms) or greater.

Can a dog reconcile after a violent conflict?

Study suggests dogs have lost ability to reconcile after violent conflicts. A team of researchers with the University of Vienna’s Messerli Research Institute has found that wolves tend to reconcile shortly after conflicts but dogs do not.

Is it safe to give reconcile chewable tablets to dogs?

Do not increase or double the dose. Reconcile chewable tablets are contraindicated for use in dogs with epilepsy or a history of seizures. Reconcile chewable tablets should not be given concomitantly with drugs that lower the seizure threshold (e.g., phenothiazines such as acepromazine or chlorpromazine).

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