Is Nelly friends with Florida Georgia Line?

Is Nelly friends with Florida Georgia Line?

Joining Nelly on this journey are his friends and fellow collaborators Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Blanco Brown and BRELAND. The singer has been working hard to get new music out to his fans and recently released “High Horse,” the second single from his upcoming EP Heartland, featuring Blanco Brown and BRELAND.

How did Florida Georgia Line meet Nelly?

“We had some pop stations that were wanting a different version of ‘Cruise’ that we could send out, and he [Nelly] is a labelmate,” Kelley explained. “We heard he was a fan of what we were doing and the song. We knew he wanted to do it, and literally a day or two later we had the track and we cranked it up on the bus.”

Did Nelly open for Florida Georgia Line?

The Smooth Tour was the fourth headlining concert tour by the American country music duo Florida Georgia Line….Shows.

Date June 25, 2017
City Maryland Heights
Venue Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Opening acts Nelly Chris Lane Ryan Hurd
Attendance 18,660 / 18,660

What song did Florida Georgia Line pick?

Second Guessing
The NBC reality series “Songland” wrapped this week, naming Canadian songwriter Griffen Palmer, who’s signed with Nashville-based Big Loud Publishing, its season two winner. His ballad “Second Guessing,” co-written with “Songland” judge Shane McAnally, was chosen as the new single for Florida Georgia Line.

Who wrote Lil Bit?

Lil Bit/Composers

Who has Florida Georgia Line collaborated with?

After previous collaborations with artists including RaeLynn and Matt Stell, newcomer Lathan Warlick is set to reveal his latest musical collaboration—this time with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard on a track called “My Way”—on March 19.

What is Nelly’s newest song?

New single “High Horse” features Breland and Blanco Brown. Hip hop superstar Nelly has announced his forthcoming much anticipated country inspired album Heartland, dropping August 27th via Records/Columbia. His new single, “High Horse,” features Blanco Brown and Breland.

How much is Nelly worth in 2020?

eyyy, must be the money! Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., also known by the stage name, Nelly, is a popular American rapper, songwriter, and actor originally from Austin, Texas. With albums reaching sales of over 8.4 million, Nelly’s Net Worth sits at $60 million in 2020.