Is Heywood-Wakefield furniture valuable?

Is Heywood-Wakefield furniture valuable?

Unlike Duncan Phyfe furniture or Eastlake furniture styles which have their own collecting following in the antiques market, Heywood Wakefield furniture from the circa 1930s to the 1970s is popular and valuable with today’s collectors of modern and mid century modern furniture internationally.

Is Heywood-Wakefield still in business?

And good news — Heywood-Wakefield is still being made today. We recently connected with Leonard Riforgiato, who, with his partner, bought the rights to the Heywood-Wakefield name in 1991 and revived production of the brand. Together they began recreating some of the hardest-to-find vintage styles.

Where is Heywood-Wakefield located?

Gardner, Massachusetts
The Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex is a historic factory complex at 206 Central Street in Gardner, Massachusetts. The complex, located at the corner of Central and Elm in West Gardner, has its origins in a chair manufacturing business established in 1826 by the Heywood brothers.

Is Heywood-Wakefield solid wood?

All of today’s Heywood-Wakefield furniture is American-grown and American-made from 100 percent Northern Yellow Birch, the same wood used for the company’s highly-sought vintage furniture. Our furniture is made of solid wood.

What kind of furniture does Heywood Wakefield make?

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of the M 391G END TABLE to our collection of vintage Heywood-Wakefield styles. See how well our mid-century modern look and high quality pairs with your contemporary taste. From subtle and understated to vibrant and bold, combine our fabrics and solid wood to enliven any space.

How to order from Heywood Wakefield in Miami?

Today’s HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD. For credit card security reasons, all orders are taken “live” on the telephone; we have no mechanism for on-line ordering. If you are ready to order any item, please simply call our office on (305) 608-4240 with your order and credit card information.

What do Heywood Wakefield Vanity stools stand for?

In addition to featuring the fanned x-base, these Heywood-Wakefield benches showcase a plush, upholstered pinwheel seat. Perfect for any flower child, past or present, these vanity stools embody everything Heywood-Wakefield has come to stand for: quality, durability, and everlasting style.

When was Heywood Wakefield Rio collection bed made?

Worth noting is that the Rio collection did extend beyond case pieces and includes a sought-after Heywood-Wakefield bed that was only produced from 1943 to1944. Taking its name from the 13th Century 186-karat diamond discovered in India, the Khinoor collection was designed to dazzle.