Is GoPro HERO3 a good camera?

Is GoPro HERO3 a good camera?

The good The GoPro Hero3 is smaller, lighter, and features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The bottom line The GoPro Hero3 Silver and White editions are strong contenders in the sports camera market, but the faster, more powerful Black Edition is head and shoulders the best sports camera on the market today.

What is the resolution of a GoPro HERO3?

12 mp
GoPro HERO3 Black Edition/Sensor Resolution

What mm lens is GoPro?

For reference the standard GoPro lens is 2.8mm, so 3-12mm are good for wide/medium shots. 16mm – 25mm are great for closeups with soft backgrounds and longer lenses are great for zoom and telephoto.

What megapixel is GoPro HERO3?

Also announced is a 3.5mm Mic adapter. The new GoPro HERO3 camera is available in two models – the HERO3: Silver Edition and the HERO3: Black Edition. The HERO3: Silver Edition is a Wi-Fi enabled action camera with an 11-megapixel image sensor and a wide angle aspherical lens.

What are the replacement lenses for GoPro Hero3?

The Peau Production GoPro Hero3/3+ Black replacement lenses offer a variety of optical configurations; two of which I tested, the 12mm f/1.6 ($85) and the 2.97mm f/4.0 ($100) (shown above in the top photo).

How big is the Nikon HERO3 Silver Edition?

The HERO3: Silver Edition is wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197′ (60m), and is capable of capturing ultra-wide 1080p 30 fps and 720p 60 fps video plus 11MP photos at a rate of 10 photos per second. Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Silver Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than the HD HERO2 camera it replaces.

What’s the price of the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition?

The GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition ($399.99) is the newest flagship model, replacing the GoPro Hero 3 by adding some key upgrades. While the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition ($299.99) and Hero 3 White Edition ($199.99) have both been upgraded, it’s the Hero 3+ Black Edition that really showcases all the brand has to offer.

What’s the difference between Hero 3 + black and 3 white?

The Hero 3+ Black Edition also has a maximum still image resolution of 12MP and 30fps burst rate, which is beyond the 3+ Silver and 3 White’s capabilities. The latter two are not capable of 4K video recording either. Keep in mind that the 12MP still-resolution is native, not interpolated, so it’s a true representation of pixels.